You like to code

One day, Pierre is interviewed in our internal magazine. Co-founder of AViSTO, now technical director, he is asked to describe the evolution of his role in the company. He answers: “Today, I do not code anymore … well, not for AViSTO”.

Because yes, it still happens to Pierre to code at home, because he likes it.

Same for David, one of our software developers. When he has a free moment, he makes his audio player evolve – well, it’s true that’s it’s a bit difficult for him these days, because outside of work, he also practices rowing in competition.

All that to say that at AViSTO, we like to code!

Technical potential

We are tackling projects with high added value. Our job interviews thus contain technical tests, to measure your skills, but also and above all to detect your potential. Beyond your knowledge and your way of programming, we will for example watch how you react to new problems. This is essential for us, because at AViSTO, you will meet new ones (very) often.

Engineer profile

At AViSTO, we recruit about a third of young graduates, one third of engineers with one to three years of experience and one third of more experienced profiles. All are from engineering schools or university courses (example: master in computer science).

We also recruit trainees, most often as part of a graduation project; our internships being of the “pre-employment” type.

You now know more about AViSTO (Us), the personalities we’re looking for (You), let’s talk now about what we can accomplish together (Us & You).