Complementary Offer

AViSTO is the software division of the ADVANS Group: we can support complete projects including software, electronics and mechanical components.

Embedded Systems Engineering

Here is an overview of the expertise of our sister company ELSYS Design in the field of embedded systems engineering:

Embedded software

ELSYS Design, ingénierie des systèmes embarqués

  • Drivers, BSP, Firmware
  • Real-Time, Signal Processing
  • Industrial Software


  • Digital, Analog
  • FPGA, SoC
  • Integrated Circuit, ASIC

Electronic Board

  • Digital, Analog
  • Power, Radiofrequency
  • Microwave

Mechanical Systems Engineering

MECAGINE, ingénierie des systèmes mécaniques

Here is an overview of our sister company MECAGINE expertise in the field of mechanical systems engineering:


  • Mechatronics systems
  • Special Machines
  • Production Tools
  • Compression Molds
  • Optimisation

Structural Calculation

  • Static Stress
  • Dynamic Stress
  • Static and Dynamic Stress

Thermal Simulation

  • Conduction
  • Natural / Forced Convection
  • Radiance

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