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Références clients grands comptes

One of them declares:

"AViSTO first supported us in the functional coordination of the project. The proposed work method, based on Agile Scrum, has proved very relevant to define a simple and user-friendly software that meets the expectations of many of our services. At the technical level, it was precise, efficient and transparent, thanks to weekly follow-up meetings. Thus, a relationship of trust has been established with the AViSTO team. If we need to continue the developments following the deployment phase, we will not hesitate to solicit you. "


Références clients ETI/PME/Start-up

Cristian Livadiotti and Thomas Menguy, Wildmoka co-founders, declare:

"We’ve been working with AViSTO and ELSYS Design (which is another company of the ADVANS Group) for years now, they have helped us ramping up on several projects during our startup life, but also during our years in Alcatel-Lucent. Through those years of good collaboration, we’ve established a strong business friendship with the heads of those companies."

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