Our Engineers

Discover the AViSTO engineer: who is he/she? how is he/she recruited? How is he/she followed and guided within the company?

Profile: Software Engineer

AViSTO engineers have a computer engineering degree, or an equivalent university degree (master level). They come from the best French / international technical trainings, and coding is their passion: many of them code programs during their free time or participate in open source projects.

Recruitment Process

We carry out a rigorous selection of our job applicants during a process organized in several steps.

The first interview is realiized by one of our business managers, also from an engineering background. It assesses the applicant's skills, motivation and human qualities, before presenting AViSTO and its various career opportunities.

Then, for the experienced profiles, a technical deepening interview is organized with one of our experts. A thorough discussion is initiated to validate the skills identified during the first interview.

Finally, each successful applicant meets one of our technical center managers. He discusses with him his first project, his wishes for short and medium term evolution and how to achieve them. The applicant can thus plan for the long term within AViSTO.

Career Follow Up and Evolution

Our engineers are followed and guided by their dedicated business manager throughout their journey at AViSTO. This follow-up can take different forms: project follow up discussion, annual report, invitation to lunch, phone call to make sure everything goes well ...

The goal is that the engineer is happy with his project, fully commited, and that he is thus placed in the best conditions to give full measure of his potential. To better know our engineers (education, career, origin of their passion, what they think of AViSTO), go to the testimonials page.

Discover the testimonials of our engineers