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Android Developer

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Android developer job

The android developer is a mobile developer specialised in the mobile operating system of Google.

If the application is new, he will study/understand the need with the project manager, in order to offer an architecture that he will have to implement. Then, he develops an application which will be integrated into an ecosystem including several modules and executing other technologies.

As part of the complete redesign of an Android application or the addition of features, he will start by carrying out an audit of the existing application, suggest recommendations to improve it and then execute those recommendations in the code he will produce.

In both cases, the preparation and conduct of a complete testing plan is necessary, including unit tests, integration tests and functional tests. Bug fixes are systematically associated.

Finally, he will be able to import its application on Google Play.

Android engineers from AViSTO work on every part of the V-cycle and, depending on the projects, they work on HMI (material design), communication (BLE – WIFI for connected objects or WebServices for remote servers), databases, etc.

“There is always a challenge to face, of course at the technical level, but also at the level of the application itself.” comments Jean, an Android developer for AVISTO.

Become an Android developer

Engineering schools in computing often offer the opportunity to study mobile development within their common core. The specialisation is then done through a dedicated module, or as part of an internship.

At the university, there are also masters in computing with a specialization in mobile development.


It is essential to have technical skills in different OS – Android, Linux – and programming languages – for example, Java, in order to be able to develop high level application layers.

Android engineer salary

In France, a recent graduate Android engineer can expect a salary from 33K€ to 36K€.

Android developer employment

AViSTO recruits Android developers in France. Find out our employment opportunities on our jobs board.