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About our DevOps Services

AViSTO proposes DevOps services since 2007.


We support worldwide industry leaders and highly specialized companies by building and managing their software development environment.


Our added-value lies in our software/DevOps/QA deep expertise, technology agnosticism and ability to offer fully customized solutions.


We have 10 software development centers in France (AViSTO) and Serbia (AViSTO Eastern Europe) and a branch in the Silicon Valley.

We can set-up a dedidated DevOps team to facilitate your software deployment and to increase the quality of the product delivered and running in production.


Are you looking for a software engineering services company to assist you in making your software product live? Do not hesitate to contact us.

What is meant by DevOps?

Inside a typical software team, there are:

  • The development engineers, who code functionalities. That’s the « Dev » part inside « DevOps ».
  • The test engineers (it can also be the role of the development team).
  • The team in charge of deploying, monitoring and running the code on a dedicated server or in the cloud, with all the environment needed. That’s the « Ops » part inside « DevOps ».


DevOps is a set of best practices to be implemented to facilitate deployment and to increase the reliability of the product in production.

What does a DevOps team do?

Developers and IT managers generally have two different goals:

  • On the one side, developers like to see their code live as soon as possible.
  • On the other side, the IT role is to ensure the stability and protection of an infrastructure (composed of servers, applications etc.) to deliver the best quality of service.


The role of DevOps is to make a bridge between these two worlds, which sometimes have difficulties to understand each other, and this way help reduce the time-to-market.

Key benefits of our DevOps Services


Move faster to accelerate the pace of innovation of your customers, improve your ability to adapt to the market and gain efficiency and growth.

Fast delivery

Increase the pace and frequency of publications to innovate and optimize your products faster.


Ensure the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes to confidently deliver your products at an accelerated pace while continuing to provide a positive end-user experience.


Operate and manage your infrastructure and development processes on a large scale. Automation and consistency help you manage complex or changing systems efficiently and with less risk.

Enhanced collaboration

Create more effective teams with a DevOps cultural model that emphasizes principles such as taking responsibility. Development and operations teams work closely together, share many responsibilities and combine their workflows.


Move forward quickly while maintaining control and compliance. You can adopt a DevOps model without sacrificing security, using automated compliance policies, tighter controls and configuration management techniques.

DevOps lifecycle

In a classical project organization, specifications are prepared, code is written, tested and in the end, after weeks or months of hard work, software is deployed.


Today, following Agile mode project organization, features prepared by different developers are regularly merged together on the development branch – we talk about continuous integration. And then, the code is deployed on a virtual machine (or in the cloud) all the time – we talk about continuous delivery.


This way, it’s not unusual to have a new version of the code deployed every day.

The DevOps role is to facilitate developers and IT managers understanding of their respective goals and needs.


To do so, we install a set of processes, tools, automation (tests for example), support and security (DevSecOps) so that it works as smoothly as possible.


In short, our DevOps teams turn policies into code through 3 phases…


Define a common development environment; think micro-service; track and log any code change; version automation

Build & Test

Continuous testing; code quality; minor changes

Deploy & Monitor

Automate provisionning; service availability; alerting; preventing outage; zero downtime; deployment

…while securing all with DevSecOps:

  • Continuous security checks
  • Code and artifacts signing
  • Integrity checks
  • Licences checks
  • Dependencies update and copyleft
  • Threat modelling
  • Compliance validation

Intervention modes

Here are our typical intervention modes:


Recommendations based on the diagnosis

Definition and implementation process

Remote intervention

Time & material expertise

Service catalogue

Client Success Stories

Here are 3 of our project references in the DevOps area:




The goal was to optimize the productivity of the development teams and the quality of their code.

From process definition to tools integration and deployment.

Technologies: Gitlab, Jenkins, Nexus, Docker, Jira, Sonarqube




Support (day to day) & IS operations.

Project management and realization.

Monitor the whole environment, check the availability of services, send alerts, capacity management.

Technologies: Gitlab, ClearCase, Jenkins, Artifactory, Nexus, Docker, Jira, Sonarqube, Nagios




Technologies: Bitbucket, Jenkins, Artifactory, Docker, Sonarqube, Ansible, Groovy, Java

Looking for a DevOps Services Company?

AViSTO is an international software engineering services company with a unique offer combining:


Nearly 15 years' experience in DevOps

Quality and Confidentiality

Management System complying with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & ISO-27001 standards


Building long term partnerships with our customers

Technical DNA

Founders, technical teams and business managers are all engineers


More than engineers, we are passionate people


To target excellence, passion is a pre-requisite

AViSTO, Where Passion Leads to Excellence.

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