Application Management

Focus on application management (third party maintenance). This page describes a generic procedure for the maintenance of projects realized by AViSTO.

Corrective Application Management

Corrective application maintenance concerns the correction of malfunctions observed and reproduced by the customer.

For a website for example, a malfunction is an anomaly rendering unusable a functional element, software, graphics, navigation …, or a non-compliance with detailed specifications.

All the corrective application management requests sent to AViSTO (anomalies, evolutions …) are recorded and followed-up in a collaborative tool like RedMine.

In a nominal case, the corrective application management request processing cycle is the following:

  • The ticket is opened by the customer or AViSTO;
  • It is taken into account by AViSTO (analysis, implementation, test);
  • The fix is validated by the customer before going into production;
  • It is put into production by AViSTO;
  • The ticket is closed by the customer if the delivery is satisfactory.

In the event that the anomaly is related to an AViSTO realization under warranty, the correction is carried out free of charge by making every effort to do it as soon as possible.

In the event that the anomaly is not related to an AViSTO realization under warranty, the correction is proposed as an evolution to the customer. In this case, the customer and AViSTO study the possible solutions.

Progressive Application Management

Progressive maintenance concerns the realization of changes requested by the customer.

Any request for evolution is analyzed by AViSTO during this phase.

As part of a website, evolution requests can be of several types, such as:

  • Improved performance and reliability (optimization, redesign, re-architecture);
  • Functional evolutions (new business modules, new functionalities);
  • Porting features on other mobile devices (tablet, other smartphone targets);
  • Establishment of statistical reports.

In a positive and constructive partnership approach, AViSTO reserves the right to propose progressive actions throughout the duration of the contract. The implementation of these proposals can only be initiated after their validation by the client.

In any case, the support of the evolutions will follow the following application management process:

  • Creation and qualification of the request
  • Organization of change requests
  • Submission of applications
  • Quotation / planning
  • Validation of the quote
  • Delivery on schedule
  • Warranty on delivered items (elements defined in the contract)

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