ADAVEC Driving Simulator

Behind the wheel of an autonomous car

What is like to be behind the wheel of an autonomous car? Participants of the November 23rd ADAVEC event at the Maison de l’Intelligence Artificielle in Biot were able to discover it, with a presentation of the joint R&D effort between AViSTO (the project leader), epicnpoc, Université Côte d’Azur and Renault Software Factory, followed by a series of interactive demonstrations.


ADAVEC (Automatic Adaptation of the Degree of Autonomy of the Vehicle to its Environment and to the Driver) is a collaborative R&D project which aims to ensure a safe transition between man and machine in a context of autonomous driving.

On the occasion of this mid-project event, the team shared with its guests the progress of its work and allowed them to test the ADAVEC driving simulator. This driving simulator already integrates certain use cases of transfer of driving authority between man and machine, and its purpose is ultimately to validate the team’s work with a panel of users. This presentation was followed by a cocktail and informal talks. Next event is scheduled at the end of 2022.


The objective of the project is to build a prototype with an intelligent cockpit allowing an autonomous vehicle to continuously adapt its level of autonomy according to traffic and safety conditions.

The solutions to be developed must ensure a safe transfer between use cases with different levels of automation and guarantee the drivers a very clear understanding of the degree of empowerment activated in each situation and of their responsibility.

The goals for 2022 are to enhance the systems functionalities (manage more diverse and varied driving situations), work on ergonomics and persona development aspects with privileged partners and carry out clinical tests.