C++ developer

C++ Developer

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Job Description

He is a computer engineer specializing in the C ++ programming language.

Depending on the size of the team in which he/she evolves and his/her level of experience, his daily tasks may be more or less extensive:

  • Upstream, it may be necessary to intervene during the phases of specification of the customer’s needs. He can for example contribute to the drafting of specifications, or analyze it in details.
  • Also during upstream phases, an experienced developer will also participate in defining the code architecture to develop.
  • Once the need is clearly identified and the architecture defined, the C ++ engineer will code different modules or the complete application.
  • Going up the V cycle, he will perform a whole set of unit tests and integration tests.
  • Finally, he will write the documentation associated with the project. Ideally, he will also have taken the time to comment on his code so that it can be picked up later by other developers.

Become a C++ Developer

To become a C ++ developer, you must have completed a master training in computer science. Ideally, you should also have a first experience in C ++ development, which can be a job, an internship or even student projects for the youngest engineers.


The skills of the C ++ developer are above all technical: you have to code in C ++ with rigor and often creativity.

Knowledge of project management methodologies (e.g. SCRUM) is a plus, as well as the use of various tools (e.g. configuration management tools).

Finally, C ++ is a language particularly well suited to the embedded world. Thus, a good knowledge of its particular constraints (real-time, limited memory and CPU resources, reduced consumption) is very useful.

C++ Developer Salary

The salary of a developer specializing in C ++, at an early stage in his career, is generally comprised between 33K € and 36K €. This depends of course on the experience of the candidate, the location of the position, the particular skills required, the size of the company etc.

C++ Developer Job Opportunities

You can apply on our jobs board spontaneously or in response to an offer.