The Candle Maker

Sabrina is a software developer in Sophia Antipolis. She tells us more about her passion for candle making.

How did your interest in candles start?

I have always loved them, growing up I always had one around and I still do!

Four years ago, a friend of mine told me that I should start making them – that thought never left me until I started my company Miss Candly a year ago.

I never considered myself to be a particularly creative person but candle making came very naturally to me and I have found it to be very fulfilling.

What do you enjoy about candles?

The warm atmosphere it brings to a room; the versatility of the shapes, smells and colours is what draws me to them most. Even when they aren’t lit, they add a nice decorative touch to any room.

What was your first memory with candles?

My first memory with a candle is from when I was around 10 years old. Whenever me or one of my four sisters had a big exam, our mother would light a candle in our bedrooms the night before. It was her way of wishing us good luck – the attention had a spiritual meaning that made us feel safe and loved.

Did it work?

I don’t know for sure but I believed in it!

You’ve just launched your company ‘Miss Candly’: can you tell us more about it?

Yes! I have this side activity as self-employed and I use Instagram, Tik Tok and a Facebook page to showcase my products. I try and provide my feed with pictures and stories to build the brand image. I also reached out to local shops and boutiques around Antibes to increase my visibility and grow a customer network. For now, I don’t produce enough to be able to sell but I am working towards it.

The goal of Miss Candly is to offer a more accessible range of candles to counteract the current market where simple candles go for over 15 euros.

How long does it take you to produce one candle?

It depends on the shape and size desired. Overall, I’d say 15 to 20 minutes for one candle without considering the time it needs to set.

How much does a candle cost?

It depends on the size but the prices are between 5 euros and 10 euros.  Although, at the moment the production rate is quite slow, I only make around 10 per month. Eventually I will be able to make more and open a bigger sales canal.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

It comes quite naturally and spontaneously. An idea can strike at 10pm on a week night or during the week end. I regularly buy different dried flowers, glitter, dyes and try out different combinations. The process is very creative and spontaneous.

You’re quite active on social media, particularly on Instagram @misscandly: what is your main goal from this exposure?

I get to showcase all the different shapes, colours and decorations of my candles, the amount of likes and interactions it generates helps me gage what works best and what doesn’t create as much interest. From there I can refine production.

The main advantage of Instagram is that the platform allows me to sell my designs – my followers can send me a direct message where we can discuss the available options to create a personalised candle to their liking.

Instagram is also the media where I have the greatest number of followers.

Any exciting projects in the making?

Yes! I plan on teaming up with Romuald Perez, a business manager in Sophia Antipolis who is also an amateur beekeeper, to create a line of candles made from his bees’ wax. This is exciting because so far, I’ve only used soy wax. The process is all about trial and error and learning about the different material options is a great way to ensure the best quality of my candles.

It is important for me to keep production local and sustainable.