Continuous integration engineer

Continuous Integration Engineer

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Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is a set of principles used in the field of software engineering to verify at each change of the source code (continuously) that the result does not produce regression throughout the developed application.

In other words, continuous integration can drastically reduce the time spent in the hell of integration, and can even turn hell into non-event. (Martin Fowler)

Job Description

The continuous integration engineer job is to set up the development environment common to the developers and to give them the tools and methods essential for their work.

Using proprietary or open source solutions, the engineer designs systems in order to automate the assembling process for the code and build from the various tasks required to prepare new software versions.

This includes configuration management data extraction, potential merge, conflict management and launch of build which take the form of jobs following one after the other, performing unit tests, and so on, until the final delivery of the software.

Become a Continuous Integration Engineer

This job is essentially for experienced software engineers who want to get out of pure development and move from tools and methods to a more cross-cutting view of projects.

Continuous Integration Engineer Skills

Above all, it is important to have a certain distance, in order to keep in mind the whole system, how it is developed and hosted, and the purpose. This goes hand in hand with professional experience in the world of software (eg developer, software architect etc.)

Then, you have to master continuous integration tools such as TeamCity, or Bamboo and Jenkins in the world of open source.

Finally, programming skills are essential, for example to develop plugins.


An engineer with 3 years experience can expect a salary from 37K€ to 42K€.

Continuous Integration Engineer Employment

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