Cyber security engineer

Cyber Security Engineer

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What does he do? Responsibilities

The cyber security engineer intervenes on projects dealing with sensitive data. He is called upon to analyze security breaches.

Alone or attached to a team of several engineers, he is the link with the services involved in the projects and participates in different phases:

  • Analysis and interpretation of alerts: analysis of security logs and network flows, implementation of correlation rules, management of security incidents, regular checks of IT security levels and production of the associated indicators.
  • Watch: look for threats and vulnerabilities, describe alerts.
  • Reporting and documentation: participation in the drafting of activity monitoring reports. He often proposes solutions, not necessarily technical, designed to limit the vulnerability of the systems.

How to become a cyber security engineer

To become a cyber security engineer, a master’s degree is necessary, with a dedicated specialization that often occurs at the end of the course.

At least one experience in the security and information systems professions is often required.


The skills required for a cyber security engineer are of several kinds.

First of all, you need to have good general knowledge in the field of information systems security in order to be able to understand them in all their complexity.

At the technical level, basics in software development are useful, as well as a very good knowledge of scripting languages (Python, Perl, C …).

Finally, one often asks to have worked with Windows and Linux OS, as well as network protocol analysis tools, for example Wireshark.

At the human level, this engineer is expected to have a strong personal ethic, discretion, rigor and very good interpersonal skills, for example to be able to alert users about security risks in an effective way.


At the beginning of his career, he usually earns between € 33K and € 36K in France.

Cyber security engineer job opportunities

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