Data scientist

Data Scientist

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The data scientist deals with the entire data processing chain – from acquisition to manipulation – in order to transform it, with an emphasis on advanced algorithm and programming.

He intervenes on:

  • The functional aspect, to understand the client’s business, his job. It is necessary to understand the data, to use it and to represent it.
  • The study aspect, to design adapted mathematical algorithms. To do this, this engineer reads scientific articles, or creates the algorithms himself.
  • The development aspect: once the algorithm is designed and after the pre-processing phase, which consists of cleaning and forming the data, he will code it in a programming language.
  • Finally, he must know how to communicate the results from raw quantitative data in a non-technical language, understandable by everyone. Visualization joins the game at that time.


It is a rich job for which you need to have skills in mathematics, programming, statistics and even marketing.

Some details concerning the development part:
The programming language is often chosen according to the possibilities offered by its libraries in terms of implementation of algorithms, mathematical manipulation tools, or performance. Usually, in business, the Python language will be used; in research, it will often be the R language. Many companies choose to re-implement the algorithm in their preferred language (in Java for example).

Knowledge of machine learning concepts as well as of the Hadoop platform are also often necessary.

Become data scientist

Usually, the data scientist has at least a master’s degree in computer science or an engineering degree.
Academic careers combining mathematics and computer science are also very interesting, since they make it possible to prepare well for the treatment of complex problems.

Data scientist salary

A recent graduate data scientist can expect a salary of 35K€ per year.

Data scientist jop opportunities

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