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The developer is a computer engineer who designs software according to an architecture, a programming language and a technological environment.
Developer, software developer, computer developer, computer programmer, computer engineer, software engineer … these names can be considered as synonyms.

Programmer job

Each project in the field of software development is composed of 3 parts:

  • The analysis, intended for understanding the need, selecting one or more relevant programming languages and offering a suitable software architecture.
  • Development and testing (not always funny, but essential).
  • Deployment of the software and its monitoring.

As Jean, an Android developer and iOS programmer, “there is a real initial reflection on the design and architecture of the application; It is not a question of spitting code foolishly. ”

Marius, Java JEE programmer, is more poetic: “For me, it is above all a process of creation, language being the tool that allows its realization.”

Educational Background

In theory, it is possible to start with a two year technical degree in computing. In practice, it is better to have a master’s degree in computer science, or to have an engineering school diploma.

For example, Fanny, developer, is graduated from Polytech Nice-Sophia (after a degree in computer science).

Yohann is from the ESGI (Ecole Supérieure de Génie Informatique).

Programmer strenghts

It is important to enjoy thinking and trying to solve problems (this is theoretically the basis of the profession of engineer!).

Then, be curious and love to learn. For example, when you are a C# .Net developer, you can work on redesigning an airport passenger information and loyalty system, designing an HR tool or developing a dll (Dynamic Link Library) in contact with an embedded system.

Briefly, innovation must not frighten and, it is linked, but it is important to be able to adapt in order to quickly enter a project, whatever its context of intervention – from a design office or in mission for a client , alone or as part of a team etc.

Lastly, it is essential to be passionate. The word is a little bit strong? Maybe … but if you do not have the love of code, the constant desire to develop your skills, the will to solve technical challenges, then you risk withering (the word is a bit strong too … never mind, let’s leave it!).

Developer skills

We are talking here about technical skills.
For a programmer, it is mainly the programming languages that he / she uses: C#, C++, Java etc.

Developer salary

The salary of a software engineer depends on many factors: his training, his experience, his favorite programming language, his place of work etc … so it is difficult to give an answer! But we will give one anyway: for a young graduate in France, a salary between 33K € and 36K € is a realistic range.

Developer career development

The software developer job paves the way for many career development opportunities. For example:

  • Experienced software engineer
  • Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Business manager

Developer opinions

Our software engineers share their experience at AViSTO.

Several, such as Richard, admit some a priori on the world of service. But he realized that there was an engineering company and engineering company:
“I admit that I had a little apprehension about working in the service’s world. But as soon as I met Christophe (Regional Manager PACA), then Fred (Operational Director), they immediately put me at ease on the operation of the company. We are very quickly integrated, there is a sharing atmosphere.”

Yohann is very satisfied: “I worked on several projects for large accounts, with pure PHP or AngularJS: when the customer calls us again to tackle new problems, it is very rewarding, it shows that we have done a good job! Internally, work environment is very good, and the project managers are there to advise me when I need it.”

To conclude, Marius, who celebrates his 10 years at AViSTO told us: “The company places a lot on the human dimension in the professional setting. It is a quality that I appreciate and I hope that we will know how to keep it.”
To an engineer who thinks about applying for AViSTO, he advises “To come and meet the team members! He will make his own opinion and will not be disappointed.”

Developer employment

AVISTO hires computer developers! Find out employment opportunities on our job board.