Engineers recruitment

Engineers Recruitment

In 2018, the software engineering company plans to hire 75 engineers throughout the year for its sites in Paris, Sophia-Antipolis, Grenoble, Lyon, Rennes, Nantes, Aix-en-Provence and Toulouse. The company is looking for enthusiasts collaborators, juniors or experienced workers, ready to take up the technical challenges of the digital transformation. Press release.

January 23, 2018 – In order to support its growth, AViSTO plans to hire 75 engineers, juniors or experienced workers, from engineering school or equivalent academic background (Master Degree).

AViSTO is mainly looking for developers, technical leaders and project leaders in the software development, integration, validation, infrascruture/security and big data/machine learning areas.All positions are permanent contracts and are adressed to enthusiast engineers combining know-how and soft skills.
Our offers are available on the AViSTO career website.

Why join the company

AViSTO is a technological reference partner which assists its clients key accounts, mid-cap companies, SME and start-up in their digital transformation projects. The areas covered are various –Internet of things, multimedia, medical, aeronautics, industry, telecom, transports…

This way, engineers at AViSTO have the chance to work in a large range of sectors, differents work environment and several technologies. They build themselves a rich experience with strong skills which allow them to move up to positions of increasing responsibility.

More than that, beyond the issues of technical and technological projects, there is at AViSTO a special attention given to human relationships. Who is better than the employees to talk about that ? On the institutional website you will find 20 testimonials to illustrate the variety of paths and climate of exchange at the heart of the company. For example, you can discover Hamza’s testimonial, a data scientist passionate about machine learning.


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Xavier Mongaboure