The Eye of AViSTO

The Eye of AViSTO

The Eye of AViSTO

Thibault is an experienced project manager at AViSTO. Outside of Work, he is a photographer, and many of you have already seen his pictures. “The challenge is to succeed in writing a moment that both links the emotional side and the scientific technical background.“

Last September, in Cannes, you attended the ADVANS Group regional seminar both as an AViSTO engineer and as a photographer…

Indeed. I had proposed to Christophe, our operations manager, to make the photo coverage of the event. That’s something I like to do, so I was pleased he accepted.

And you were also among the winners of the internal photo competition we organized last summer!

The contest’s theme was “ADVANS on holidays“, and we were expected to use the ADVANS Group promotional objects. I chose a stress ball and photographed it on the beach, with very little digital post-processing. My idea was to highlight the opposition between work and leisure.

What kind of pictures do you like?

I like three very different kinds. First, landscape: they are fairly easy on a style point of view, but they require to be at the right place at the right time to capture light and vitality.

Then, event coverage, where you want to capture emotions on people’s face, often when they don’t know you are taking a picture.

This is opposed to the last kind I like, which is studio photography. There, you especially focus on settings.

How would you define your style as a photographer?

I don’t think I have one. But I like to take pictures which necessitate a technique linked with the scenery, for example a long exposure.

What do you think of using smartphones to take pictures?

For me there is no good or bad device, you must capture the moment. That being said, the use cases are very different, and the methodologies and control are not comparable. For example, if you want to synchronise four different flashes with a smartphone, good luck!

On the other hand, if you go out hiking for several days, it will be easier to bring your smartphone with you instead of several kilos of photo equipment. Each device has its pros and cons.

Besides the artistic side, taking pictures can be very technical. Do engineers have an advantage?

No. But having a scientific approach gives you one because you can have a better understanding of the optical laws; it then helps you optimize your settings. The computer science background is a plus too: for example, when you are familiar with the notion of most significant bit, you then know the interest of picture over-exposure prior to post processing.

What pleasure do you find in this activity?

The challenge is to succeed in writing a moment that both links the emotional side and the scientific technical background. It brings humanity to science, that is one of the delights I find there.

How would you define the perfect picture?

This is the one you imagine until the moment you realize it.

Have you already taken this perfect picture?

No, because once taken, it cannot be perfect anymore. But this is a chance, I can have several of them always in my mind…