Full stack developer

Full Stack Developer

Are you tired being defined as a back end developer or a front end developer while you don’t want to choose between both? There is no doubt: become a full stack developer!

AViSTO recruits full stack developers. You can find the open positions on our jobs board, where it is also possible to submit an unsolicited application.

Summary :

Job Description

The full stack developer is multi-skilled, he is able to take over a wide variety of tasks:

  • He develops web services for the back end
  • At the front end, on the user side, he designs plug-ins
  • The design, manipulation and querying of databases is easy for him
  • He configures the hardware infrastructure (example : server)
  • He participates in the daily meeting, where he makes several technical and/or functional proposals
  • As an experienced engineer, he can interact with the client in order to understand and characterize his needs, and even advise him if necessary.

Become Full Stack Developer

To become a full stack developer a Master’s Degree at the university or an Engineering School is required. It is also essential to be passionate about software development.

Several years of experience in the software development area allow to develop the versatility necessary for the job.


The full stack engineer has a wide range of technical skills, for example in web technologies (JS, Angular, BootStrap, Web Services REST) or Java (JDK 8, JEE, Spring, Hibernate).

In addition, he is accustomed working with Agile development methods (for example : Scrum) and can often take on the role of project leader.

Full Stack Developer Salary

In France, this developer with 5 years experience can expect a salary from 40K€ and 45K€.

Full Stack Engineer employment

AViSTO hires full stack developers in France!