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Software editing

AViSTO is today a software engineering company. Nevertheless, it all began for us with NemSiS, a software framework that enables rapid network supervision solutions (NMS / EMS).

Customizable, scalable and financially affordable, NemSiS is particularly aimed at small and medium sized network / telecom equipment manufacturers.

Designed and developed by AViSTO, NemSiS is now deployed internationally!

Technological innovation

Regularly, we carry out internal projects aimed at reinforcing our know-how. They often take the form of PoC (proof of concept) using the latest technologies.

One of the most recent was a combination of big data, machine learning, computer security and intrusion tests. In a few words, it consisted in realizing, thanks to machine learning, real-time intrusion detections in a data flow describing the behavior of the customer on an e-commerce website.


We are leveraging our company experience in innovation to support several high-potential start-ups with whom we have partnered.


Wildmoka is developing a cloud platform offering new ways of distributing, consuming and valuating video content. It offers mass media, content owners and service providers solutions to promote their content on social media.

Since its creation, Wildmoka has accumulated awards, including an Alliancy Award "Innovate Together, Transform Faster" won with AViSTO in 2016. This prestigious award was placed under the patronage of a Emmanuel Macron, at that time the French Minister of Economy...

Wildmoka's customer list is growing month after month: Orange, Canal+, France TV, beIN Sports, Fox etc.

Here is for example a small video presenting the TVClipping solution of Orange, based on the Wildmoka technology::


The «UPmem jewel;» (Usine Nouvelle, 20/09/2017) is currently completing the development of its chip to accelerate big data applications by a factor of 20.

UPmem project is to revolutionize computing in application servers by tracking the wall of memory. In computation-intensive applications such as big data, the obstacle to the acceleration of processing lies not in the processor or the memory, but in the data bus. The transport of data between the memory and the processor consumes up to 90% of the energy of the servers. UPmem develops a disruptive solution that locates the processing in the memory where the data is located.

At the beginning of this video (until 3'15), you will see UPMEM CEO introducing the company and its technology:


Lucie Labs is a EU-based start-up that focuses on developing technologies/products within the IoT (Internet of Things) area. Its mission is to reinvent how we experience and interact with lighting.

LucieLabs has been selected in the Allianz and Orange Fab accelerators.

One of the latest products based on Lucie Labs technology is a connected shoe.

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