Collaborative R&D

Customer projects

We have developed new forms of R & D partnerships with our clients, which go beyond consulting or turnkey-based projects.

We are working on the technical resolution of their sector-speficif issues. To do this, we use innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence or big data, and we lead projects in a collaborative R & D mode.

For example, we have developed for different clients a set of encapsulation / decapsulation protocols using NetPDL, an open source library provided by the University of Turin. Our PoC (proof of concept) provides a set of business reports.

Another example: we have developed a system based on machine learning to automate the detection of failures on solar panels. The detection of defects on photovoltaic cells was usually performed visually by several experts; we managed to achieve it in a self-intelligent way.

National and European Projects

We regularly participate in collaborative R & D projects at national or European levels.

AViSTO is leading the NexGenTV project in the field of Social TV. Using Wildmoka technologies, it aims to develop tools and solutions to make interactive and shareable video streams on social networks. In addition to AViSTO and Wildmoka, the other members of the consortium are Envivio, Eurecom and CNRS-Irisa.

In the past, with 3Roam and INRIA, we also completed the RAISOM project , in the field of network supervision. Its goal was to provide solutions to optimize the configuration of mobile collection networks.

Competitiveness clusters

Our internal or collaborative innovation activities are carried out in conjunction with competitiveness clusters, such as Images & Réseaux, SCS and SAFE.

In this way, we contribute to the exchange of ideas and points of view that often lead to promising new projects.

Universities, laboratories and private research institutes

We also work in partnership with universities, public research organizations (for example CNRS, CEA) and private institutes (for example Eurecom). From this pooling of our respective skills and know-how also emerge beautiful projects!