IOS developer

IOS Developer

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The iOS developer is an engineer specializing in mobile development around Apple technologies and products (iPhone, iPad, etc.). He has the same profession as the Android developer, except that the latter programs applications based on Google’s mobile operating system.

The projects on which it intervenes can consist in programming the mobile equivalent of a web application, or to realize an application from scratch.

Specifically, everyday, it intervenes on several or all of the following phases:

  • Analysis of specifications.
  • Creating the application UI.
  • Choice of technologies.
  • Development of the application.
  • Unit tests and integration tests.
  • Deploying the application after submitting it to Apple.

He often works independently, in connection with a web software development project manager, a lead programmer and a UI / UX designer.

Become an iOS Developer

To become an iOS developer at AViSTO, you must be an engineer or have a master in software development.

It is generally necessary to justify a first successful experience in developing mobile applications (iOS or Android); this experience can be an internship or even projects carried out at school.

iOS Developer Skills

Ideally, the iOS developer has skills in native and cross-platform application development, with programming languages like Objective-C and libraries like Cocoa. He masters different frameworks, for example Ionic, Swift and Cordova.

To these technical skills are added methodological skills. We can mention Agile methods, UML, MVC (Model-View-Controller) as well as design patterns.

A good knowledge of software engineering tools is also often necessary, for example SVN or JUnit.

Finally, it is useful to have good knowledge of databases, for example SQLite, MySQL and SQL Server.

iOS Engineer Salary

The salary of an iOS engineer varies depending on the level of experience, the location of the position, the industry, or the skills required. In France, for a young graduate, the range is often between 33K € and 36K €.

iOS Developer Job opportunities in France

AViSTO is recruiting iOS engineers in France, in the cities of Paris, Sophia Antipolis, Grenoble, Lyon, Rennes, Nantes, Aix en Provence and Toulouse.
You can view the offers on our jobs board, or submit a spontaneous application.