Java Engineer

Java engineer

Java Engineer

Marius is a Java engineer at AViSTO Nice Sophia Antipolis. He lent himself to the game of the interview, to tell us about his job, which is above all his passion. Here is his testimonial.

Become a Java engineer

Q: Can you tell us about your background in higher education?
I have an engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, in the field of Applied Electronics and Telecommunications. From the 3rd year of this course, I specialized in development and software engineering.

Q: Why software development?
Because it is my passion since I was 10 years old! It was at this age that I had my first contact with this discipline, as part of the “Olympics” of mathematics. A little later, I chose the programming option for my scientific BAC.

Q: Still, the name of your degree indicates that you are also interested in electronics…
Indeed. At École Polytechnique, I also studied electronics. By curiosity, but especially to better understand the functioning of information systems, and thus deepen the software engineering thereafter.

Q: And at the beginning of your career, you mixed the two worlds, electronics and software…
Yes, I started out as a microelectronics R & D engineer in a start-up. More precisely, I started by developing a C ++ application capable of analyzing the code of a complex circuit (a microprocessor for example) and automatically adding logic components to improve the testability; it is a process known as Design for Test (DFT) in microelectronics.
During this first professional experience, I used the Java language to create a platform capable of communicating with the low level modules (C ++) to orchestrate, visualize and manage the entire DFT process.

Q: You and Java, was it love at first sight?
Somehow! I was captivated by the ease of development, portability and huge potential of the Java platform in general.

Java Engineer Job Description

Q : As a Java engineer, what do you do?
Java engineer, on the whole, it’s not very different from C ++ engineer, or engineer in any computer language. It consists firstly of understanding a need, of being able to specify it in actions or behaviors, and of giving it a form, even if it is virtual.

For me, it is above all a process of creation, the Java language is the tool that allows its realization.

Q: If it’s just a tool, why do you prefer to use it instead of another?
Java is a little like my mother tongue, it is in this language that I express my passion best, which I can continue to create. This does not prevent me from practicing or learning other “foreign languages”, but it is not the same.
I thrive by working with Java technology, it has a huge ecosystem in the computer world thanks to its portability on a multitude of media.

Q : You became a SCRUM Master in 2015. What does it bring you in your work?
The Agile methodology is made up of a set of best practices that, in my opinion, make it possible to bring together developers and applicants (eg customers). This improves the quality of the product code, while providing the necessary visibility and transparency.


Scrum is more a framework around Agile methodology that defines the rules of the game so that the parties involved find themselves throughout the project. This visibility is needed on both sides: developers and customers need to validate that the project is going on the right track. It is a “trust generator”.

AViSTO review

Q: Can you tell us the circumstances of your arrival at AViSTO in 2007?
After 5 years spent on my first project, I needed to take on new challenges and pursue my passion. At the time, what attracted me was that AViSTO and its sister company ELSYS Design brought together the two fields in which I already had experience: computing and microelectronics.

Q: It’s a choice that you obviously have not regretted…
Indeed, since in 2017, I have celebrated my 10 years at AViSTO :-).
The company relies heavily on the human dimension in the professional context. This is a quality that I appreciate and I hope we will keep it.

Q: What would you say to an engineer who is thinking about applying for a job at AViSTO?
To meet the members of the team! He will make his own opinion and he will not be disappointed.

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AViSTO is recruiting Java engineers. On our job board, you can discover our latest offers.

Many thanks to Marius for his testimony!