Java / Java EE developer

Java / Java EE Developer

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Java Definition


is an object-oriented programming language created by employees from Sun Microsystems (now Oracle). Its emblem is a cup of steaming coffee and it would come from the fact that “java” means coffee in American slang which is the inescapable developers’ beverage.


There are many frameworks, platforms and APIs that make Java portable on different operating systems. Among the 4 major frameworks, the “Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition”, abbreviated as “J2EE”, is the one specialized in server applications. Today, this name has disappeared, to give way to Java EE.

Java EE

However, on the web, we still meet the different names J2EE, JEE or Java EE. But, if we refer to the rules laid down by Oracle, we should now only say “Java EE” and forget the first two names.
For more details, see the Java Naming page on the Oracle website.

Java Developer : Missions

Java Developer,
in general, is not very different from C ++ developer, or developer in any computer language. It consists first in understanding a need, being able to specify it in actions or behaviors, and giving it a form, even if it is virtual.
For Marius, Java engineer at AViSTO, « it is above all a process of creation and the Java language is the tool that allows its realization. »

Become a Java Developer

To become a Java/Java EE developer, it is essential to have an engineering degree, a master in computer science, or a technical master with a specialization in software development.

And of course, ideally, you must be passionate about the software world!


Technical skills are obviously crucial. It is important to master the Java language, one or more of the 4 large frameworks (Java SE, Java EE, Java ME and Java FX) to which Spring can be added, and finally a set of associated technologies.

Understanding and implementing databases (eg Oracle, SQL) is also required.

Additional « Test Driven Development » (TDD) skills are also significant but can be acquired through professional experience.

Java Developer Salary

In France, a Java/Java EE Developer can expect a salary from 30K€ to 40K€.

Java Developer Employment

AVISTO hires Java Developers in France! Find out employment opportunities on our job board.