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Lead Programmer

Learn more about the lead programmer job: tasks, educational background, skills, salary and employment opportunities.


Job Description

The lead programmer is a software engineer who is in charge of several projects. We also talk about tech lead, technical leader, software manager … so, there are a lots of potential names.

An experienced developer has a very complete role:

On a technical level, he is responsible for projects, technical choices and monitoring the work of his developers.

On a management level, he is responsible for achieving objectives and meeting deadlines. He has to give his software engineers the best conditions in order to let them express their full potential.

Finally, he also has to be a trainer for young developers, since he must help them to enhance their skills.

Become a lead programmer

To become a lead programmer, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at the university or an Engineering School is required.

Then, it is important to have several years of experience in software development.


Technical competence is essential. It allows to make the right choices on a technological level and helps to encourage the respect of developers. It is therefore necessary, for example, to master one or more programming languages.

Then, you have to know how to lead a team, which requires listening, psychology and leadership skills.

Finally, it is crucial to communicate effectively with the developers but also with the managerial teams of the company and/or the client, so that decisions are clearly understood.

Lead Programmer Salary

In France, a lead developer with 5 years experience can expect a salary from 40K€ and 45K€.

Lead Programmer employment

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