.Net developer

.Net Developer

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Job Description

The .Net developer is above all an engineer, the job combines technical skills and analysis skills.

He/she analyzes the needs, discusses with the client, reflects on specifications, describes, and writes them up.

As soon as the problem is well defined, the engineer responds by developing an application with a programming language; in this case the C# .Net language.

Once the development is complete, there is the unit testing and then the acceptance testing with the customer in order to confirm that the requirements are met.

To summarize, there are 3 phases: analysis, development and the follow-up.

Become a .Net Developer

You can become a .net developer after a two-year technical degree in computing, followed by an engineering school or an equivalent university course.

Then it is possible to gain the C# .Net specialization through a dedicated module, or as part of an internship.

Skills of a .NET Developer

This engineer must obviously master the development in C #.

Then, as part of web projects, he must know the ASP.NET for example; if he works at the application level, the WPF or C# Winform will be requested.

Finally, he must have good knowledge of JS, HTML/CSS and database.

Salary of a .Net Developer

In France, a recent graduate can expect a salary from 33K€ to 36K€.

.Net Framework

Technology is constantly evolving. Through C#, .Net developers started with Visual Basic applications, before the WPF revolutionized graphic applications. Then they developed compatible applications for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

SOAP or even REST WebServices can be created with the help of C# language.

The .Net framework has followed the evolution of Windows, which made it possible to create cross-platform applications (with Windows 8). For example, the Xamarin platform allows C# to create cross-platform mobile applications.

Programmers develop collaboratively with SharePoint, they can also create websites with ASP.NET. It is also now possible to use AngularJS instead of the classic JS to design its web pages.

In short, with .Net, the developer can reach all platforms, this allows him to continuously diversify his/her skills.

.Net Developer employment

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