NexGenTV – Social TV


NexGenTV – Social TV

AViSTO is the leader of the NexGenTV collaborative R&D project in the field of Social TV. Using Wildmoka technologies, it aims to develop tools and solutions to make interactive and shareable video streams on social networks. In addition to AViSTO and Wildmoka, the other members of the consortium are Envivio, Eurecom and CNRS-Irisa.

Social Television

The world of television is changing. From a unique small screen, the viewer has switched to multi-screen experiences: while watching his favorite shows (on his flat screen, tablet or smartphone), he browses the Internet, sends messages and posts live comments on social networks. We have now a multitasking viewer using multi-screens.

Social TV Solutions

To meet these new requirements in terms of interactive experience with television, while respecting the specificities of the content, the NexGenTV project was conceived. It consists in the realization of a complete cloud platform including:

  • Semi-automated tools generating rich interactive content from TV and social networks,
  • An industrial solution to realize specific multi-screen interactive TV applications,

In short, social TV solutions for innovative audio-visual experiences.


The NexGenTV project has obtained the double labeling of the SCS and Images & Réseaux competitiveness clusters. It has been selected by the French State for financial support under the 19th call for projects of the Unique Interministerial Fund (FUI); it is also supported by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Bretagne regions.

Here is the complete list of our sponsors:

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