Project management officer

Project Management Officer

Discover the project management officer job: tasks, educational background, salary and job opportunities at AViSTO. It is also possible to submit an unsolicited application.


Project Management Officer Job Description

He organizes and plans the realization of the whole project. He/she relies on internal and external expertise, for example partners or subcontractors.

Here are his/her main missions:

  • He coordinates external developers.
  • He also coordinates engineering companies, for example in a flat rate mode.
  • He collects and analyses needs.
  • He drafts functional and technical specifications, he is also the guarantor of the respect of the specifications.
  • He deals with tests and internal test platforms.
  • He writes user documentation.
  • He is in charge of production support.
  • He manages the schedules, ensures the respect of the deadlines and the costs.
  • He prepares presentation materials for meetings as well as steering committees.
  • He participates in the continuous improvement process, which is part of a quality policy.

Become a Project Management Officer

To become a project management officer, you must have completed a master course in computer science, and have at least 3 years of experience as a project manager.


The skills of a project management officer combine technical skills and soft skills.

On the technical side, you have to master:

  • Project methodologies (V-cycle, AGILE methods).
  • Tools such as Gantt Project, Redmine, Mantis or SoapUI.
  • A set of programming languages and technologies that depend on projects. For example: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JS, Java, Linux…


More generally, a good PMO is a rigorous and autonomous person who knows how to:

  • Enter the project environment quickly, ask the right questions to apprehend it.
  • Get organized so he can react quickly.
  • Analyze, synthesize and propose solutions.
  • Work as a team, communicate, be available.

Project Management Officer Salary

The salary of a PMO, of course, depends on the level of experience, the location of the position, the industry, the specific skills needed. A range from 40K€ to 45K€ seems realistic.

Job Opportunities

You can apply on our job board spontaneously or in response to an offer. Do not hesitate, your application will be systematically studied!