Python developer

Python Developer

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Job Description

Python is a flexible interpreted language. Therefore, the Python software development engineer carries out a wide range of tasks:

  • Coding scripts for automation
  • Create tools, for example with the PyQt module, which is the Python variant of the C library
  • Making websites
  • Publishing web services with the Django library

Become a Python Developer

It is possible to become a Python developer after graduating from an engineering school or an equivalent university course.
But many developers also train themselves thanks to internships as part of a scientific background. This is the case of Stéphane, engineer at AViSTO, who had a physician education.


The Python is a programming language quite simple to learn.
However, the developer must have some rigor and be willing to look for all the subtleties that will help him to save time.

Then, the Python engineer must have knowledge in several Python libraries. For example:

  • PyQt for graphical interfaces
  • Mathplotlib for the scientific computing part
  • The Python/Fortran F2PY interface generator, which converts a Forfran code into Python modules and functions
  • Django, the API for making a website

Python in the aeronautics industry

It is important to be aware that the Python language is increasingly used in the aeronautical field to replace Fortran, which has been implemented for five decades.
Python skill is increasingly in demand and Python engineers with a Fortran background are few.

Python developer salary

In France, a recent graduate Python developer can expect a salary from 33K€ to 36K€.

Python developer employment

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