Sales engineer

Sales Engineer

Engineer by training, you are attracted by the dark side of the force: the sales engineer job is made for you!

AViSTO recruits sales engineers. You can find open positions on our job board, where it is also possible to submit an unsolicited application.


Sales Engineer: Missions

The sales engineer’s objective is to encourage the growth of his company’s activities with industrial and services customers. Often placed under the responsibility of a regional director, he intervenes in 3 main areas.


First, he manages the business development, through active accounts and new accounts. This requires:

  • The identification of targets and their prospecting, as well as the increase of the company’s presence among existing customers
  • Understanding the needs of its stakeholders, to define the right arguments and to be able to convince them that he is the right partner
  • Answer customers’ requests and negotiate contracts (fixed price projects, technical assistance, service center)


The second activity is the recruitment of a team of consulting engineers.

To that end, he selects the best talents to intervene on company’s various projects. He manages thus the complete recruitment process, the purpose is to convince candidates to join his team on permanent contracts.

Managing engineers

Finally, the engineer manages his team of consulting engineers:

  • Involves them on projects in line with their aspirations and promotes their skill improvement
  • He regularly monitors the projects and carries out the annual assessments
  • He tries to establish a trusting relationship, in particular by remaining attentive to his engineers and being available for them.

Thus, this is a full-position; It is rare for beginners to be as effective in these three areas presented. Their daily support is an essential factor in their success.

Become a Sales Engineer

To become a sales engineer, a software engineering degree is required at AViSTO.

Then, the engineer needs to have at least a first successful experience as a sales engineer, or a related function in a pre-sales context, as well as good technical skills.


Firstly, the sales engineer has technical skills that allow him to interact accurately and appropriately with his clients and with the engineers of his team.

At the human level, he is a good speaker, dynamic, autonomous and comes up with a lot of new ideas. The engineer has a strong customer service to meet the client requirements. He also has an important team spirit in order to work daily with his colleagues.

Finally, he has the commercial fiber: he never gives up, feels comfortable during the negotiation phases (with clients or buyers) and enjoy challenges.

Sales Engineer Salary

A sales engineer salary consists of a fixed part and a variable part.
At the beginning of their careers, they can expect a salary from 38K€ to 42K€.

Sales Engineer Employment

AViSTO often hires sales engineers in Nice, Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Grenoble, Lyon, Nice, Aix-en-Provence and Toulouse!
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