Software Engineer

Software engineer

Software Engineer

Here is the testimony of a software engineer hired by AViSTO after his end of studies internship.

Become software engineer

Q: What academic and professional paths did you take to become a software engineer?

I am a graduate of Polytech Paris UPMC. I followed the electronics/computing specialty: I was looking in this mixed course to expand my skills to low level development and topics like IoT (Internet of Things), which I was very interested in at the time. Then I went completely into the field of application software.
I did my graduation internship at AViSTO, where I worked on the finalization of an internal application on Android, then on its port to Windows Phone.

Software Engineer Job Description

Q: Can you introduce us to your software engineering job?

I mainly develop in .net / C #, both on the web and for desktop apps. Today, I am working on an application to automate a number of simulations in the industrial field; I find the low level part that I had addressed during my university career.
During my previous project, I participated in the development of a load forecast application to manage human resources.

Q: What do you like most about your job as a software engineer?

I really like the variety of areas covered. Software programming is a support for many other activities, I do not want to be linked to a single purpose, to change as I go.
Secondly, I like computer science, its creative side: starting from scratch, developing an app, seeing it evolve.

Q: What made you want to do this job?

This goes back to my first programmable calculator in high school. I took the game and in self-study, I learned PHP, JavaScript and a little C.
I also took part in scientific holiday camps: half of the time, we were discussing science; the other half we had leisure activities.

Hired after a graduation internship

Q: AViSTO offers pre-employment internships. Was it important to you?

Yes. My three interviews made me want to come because I felt that there was a desire to do something in the long run. And then, I had each time technical interlocutors, which I had not found in other companies.
My first interview took place on the occasion of an open house day in the technical center of Cachan. During the second, I met the head of the Ile-de-France technical center, who validated the internship. Finally, I discussed with my project manager to discuss my integration and the tasks to be done.

AViSTO company review

Q: If you wanted to convince an engineer to join AViSTO, what would you say to him?

I like the dynamism of the company. I particularly felt it when working on turn-key projects, where we exchange a lot with people all passionate. There is also the variety of projects that I find very interesting.

Software engineer job opportunities

AViSTO recruits software engineers throughout the year. You can find the offers on our job board.