Test engineer

Test Engineer

Learn more about the test engineer: tasks, educational background, skills, salary and employment opportunities.


Job Description

The role of the test engineer is to fully validate software or applications before they are put online on client environments.

Here are the main tasks:

  • Take note of the product specification
  • Create a battery of tests exactly corresponding to the specification which will be validated
  • Carry out the battery of tests until the product is satisfactory in view of the imposed test standards
  • Accurate reporting
  • Deliver the validated software to the applicant
  • Continue to monitor the software performance through daily monitoring: validation scripts continue to run, but they have become non-regression scripts.

Become Test Engineer

A Master’s Degree at the university or an Engineering School is required to do so. It is also possible to get this job after an experience in software development.

Test Engineer Skills

The main skills of this engineer are:

  • Mastering of test tools, for example ALM from Hewlett Packard
  • Knowledge about software test methodologies, for example ISTQB
  • The ability to quickly integrate the functional aspects of the tested software
  • Knowledge about scripting languages, for example Python
  • In relation with the previous point: knowing how to program is not compulsory; nevertheless, it is very useful skill in order to develop tools that will facilitate daily work.


In France, a recent graduate can expect a salary from 33K€ to 36K€

Test Engineer Employment

AVISTO hires test engineers in France! Find out employment opportunities on our job board, or submit an unsolicited application.