V&V engineer

V&V Engineer

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V&V Definition

V&V is an acronym for verification and validation. These stages are at the end of the V model. The verification part allows confirming that the software is consistent with the specifications whereas the validation part ensures that it conforms to the user needs.

Said differently, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) states that:

  • “Verification: confirmation through hard evidence that the specifications have been followed”
  • “Validation: confirmation through hard evidence that the requirements for specific utilization or application have been followed”


To note that there are also IVVQ engineers for Integration Validation Verification Qualification.

Except if required not to do so, one engineer can be in charge of all these tasks.


The main task of the V&V engineer is to verify and validate a software or an application thanks to automated, manual, performance and other tests.

Generally, he takes part in:

  • The specifications files review in order to understand the software or the application functions.
  • The test plan realization which is defined from the specifications.
  • The testing campaign, including the execution of the tests.
  • The results analysis.
  • The final test report preparation in accordance with the project procedures, which can be SCRUM based for instance.

Become a V&V engineer

To become a V&V engineer, you must generally have completed a master’s degree in computer science. It would be a plus to justify at least one experience in the software development area as it allows the candidate to grasp the functioning of the software or application that he or she will be in charge of verifying.

V&V engineer skills

The V&V engineer main skills are:

  • The mastery of test tools
  • The knowledge of software test methodologies
  • The ability to understand quickly the functional aspects of the tested software
  • The knowledge of script languages (e.g.: Python)


Knowing how to program is not mandatory; however, it is very useful to develop tools which makes the daily work easier.

Lastly, in terms of soft skills, one must be rigorous, well organized, showing good interpersonal abilities and being a team worker.

V&V engineer salary

The salary of a V&V engineer, at an early stage in his career in France, is generally comprised between € 33 K and € 36 K.

V&V engineer job opportunities

AViSTO is hiring V&V engineers! You can view the offers on our jobs board, or submit a spontaneous application