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Web Developer

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The web developer job

The web engineer takes action during the major milestones of a web project:

  • Analysis and understanding of a need.
  • The design phase during which the technical architecture and the programming language(s) to be used will be define.
  • Prototype production and iterations with the customer.
  • Development itself. This stage, which can also be carried out during several iterations, includes software development, HTML/CSS integration, and writing unit testing.
  • Potentially, configuring and securing the server, as well as putting the website into production.

Become a web developer

To become a web developer, it is essential to be passionate about computing and Internet, attracted by new technologies and know how to quickly adapt to tomorrow’s developments.

It is possible to graduate from an engineering school or university, after a general (preparatory classes) or more technical (two-year technical degree) course.

Web engineer skills

The web engineer must have technical skills, relational and functional skills, and potentially artistic skills.
He often works in a context different from traditional computing projects since the interfaces developed are being intended for the general public.
Moreover, since the ecosystem of web technologies is constantly evolving, the developer has to change regularly the framework and language.
The coding is still sometimes seen as a less technical job, it has not been true for a long time since the patterns implemented on the websites have nothing to envy the “standard” applications.
Examples of technologies that the web engineer must master: HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, SQL or JavaScript.

Web engineer salary

In France, the recent graduate web engineer generally receives a salary from 33K€ to 36K€.

Web engineer employment

AVISTO employs web engineers in France!