Become a full-stack engineer

Become a full-stack engineer

Become a full-stack engineer

Guillaume is a senior full-stack engineer in AViSTO. During his twenty-year career path characterized by his passion for web technologies, he has been an IT manager, went back to the University to pass a master’s degree, joined AViSTO in 2011, left the company for a start-up in Monaco, and came back in 2018. Let’s discover his rich journey.

IT Manager.

“In 1999, I got my Higher Technician Certificate and joined a training organization as an IT manager.

After ten years in a very versatile role, I wanted to get out of this form of comfort to devote myself exclusively to programming. However, as I realized that my diploma would limit my ambitions, I enrolled myself in a master’s degree in computer science at the Caen Basse Normandie University. Quickly after, I joined AViSTO; it was in 2011.”

AViSTO part 1.

“I first created a web front-end for a frequent flyer loyalty solution. Second, I worked on the development of two portals (customer relations and project documentation management), as well as on a database consultation/modification tool. Third, I devoted myself to a project consisting in developing a platform for monitoring and managing connected/geolocated objects. Finally, I joined a social protection group to set up innovative solutions for the creation and verification of wage statements.”

Why he left in 2017.

“The decision was difficult to make, I hesitated for a long time. I was offered to become a tech lead in Monaco, in a start-up which I thought would have a bright future. It was a big technical challenge, everything had to be done and decided, there was a team management dimension too. In short, I saw the opportunity to take responsibility for my own project, to lead a team, to have a very complete role, all in a small company that was going to grow. The experience lasted a year and a half.”

AViSTO part 2: why he came back.

“When I left AViSTO, I had been with the company for 6 years. I really liked AViSTO, I had excellent internal relationships, I was offered cool projects on which I enjoyed myself. So I had no reason to prefer another engineering company.

However, I wondered if it was not appropriate for me to join a software publisher. I have met several, but I am getting to know myself: the world of service suits me well, as it offers the variety of projects I need and enables me to meet a lot of people.”

What he likes in his job.

“To start, I am science and technology-oriented, so being in a technical environment is natural for me.

Then, I like the web, but for me, it is above all a medium on which you can write software. There is a real place for the front-end, the back-end is no longer so prominent. There is a true complementarity.

Finally, I entered the world of web in the early 2000s, so I followed all of the technologies. I bet a lot on JavaScript: I felt it had a great future. There is a huge ecosystem, which is moving very fast, with lots of things to discover. So I like my job a lot, we never get bored. Almost every week, there are innovations to discover.”