DevSecOps engineer job description

DevSecOps Engineer

DevSecOps engineer: In an environment where development cycles are increasingly short and frequent, where operating systems must be protected, the role of the DevSecOps engineers are more and more fundamental. Find out what are their roles and responsibilities, their educational background, their skills, their salary, …

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What is a DevSecOps Engineer?

In order to define the term “DevSecOps”, it is necessary to come back to that of “DevOps”.
It is a dual concept: it is the contraction of “development” and “operations”. More broadly, it is a current of thought that is revolutionizing the way of designing software. It aims to optimize the fluidity between development and operations.

The term “DevSecOps” fits in with this trend. In fact, it is a collaborative working method that links the security and operations teams. The main objective of this collaboration is to limit risks insofar as security is “integrated” into all stages of DevOps projects.

In addition, the term refers to the implementation of security as a fundamental part of all aspects of an organization and makes it the responsibility of all teams. Security and operations teams are therefore unified to maximize security while limiting the impact on efficiency.

What does a DevSecOps engineer do?

Generally speaking, the DevSecOps engineers ensure that a company’s network and IT infrastructure are free from security holes.

Responsible for development cycles in integration/continuous deployment mode, they can fulfill different missions:

  • Process monitoring;
  • Writing risk analyzes;
  • Incident management;
  • Testing, selection and implementation of technologies, tools and working methods;
  • Automation of security controls;
  • The maintenance of the system and of the external and internal computer network of the company;
  • Control and management of security operations;
  • More broadly, they participate in the construction of a “safety culture” within the company by supporting the various teams and customers in the implementation of good safety practices.

How to become a DevSecOps Engineer?

To become a DevSecOps engineer, you must have a Master’s degree.

In fact, there are many courses that prepare for this profession, here are some examples for France:

  • Among the schools accessible from the end of a bachelor’s degree, we can mention: EISTI, ECE, …
  • Regarding the schools that can be integrated following a two-year preparation: ENSIMAG, ENSEEIHT, …
  • Finally, some universities also offer training: Joseph Fourier University, Nice Sophia Antipolis University, Paul Sabatier University, etc.

The specialties leading to this engineering position can be: digital security, telecom, IT and networks, system administration, cloud technologies and infrastructure, cybersecurity, etc.

In addition, a first experience in IT security, in DevOps organization, DevSecOps in an agile context is a plus.

What DevSecOps engineer should know?

At the technical level, the DevSecOps engineers must be able to work in a specific environment: Jenkins, Docker, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, Scripting YAML, SAST (Static Application Security Testing), DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) …

In addition, they must have a good knowledge of the DevOps culture and principles. They must have skills in IT management of operations. Proficiency in security architectures, cybersecurity skills and knowledge of risk assessment techniques are also required.

In addition, for non-native speakers, fluency in technical English is essential.

Is this position right for me?

The role of a DevSecOps engineer requires being a very good communicator and having a sense of collaboration in order to work with the different teams and customers and to make them aware of good IT security practices.

In addition, if you are a force for proposal, if you have qualities such as creativity, thoroughness, pedagogy, a good synthesis ability and analytical skills, then the answer is certainly positive! IT companies are looking for people like you.

How much do DevSecOps engineers make?

The salary of a DevSecOps engineers depend on their educational background, experience, specialty, or the country/region where they work.
For example, in France, a beginner can claim a salary between 33K € and 36K €.

Opportunities for career development

First of all, it is a profession that is growing rapidly as the number of cyber attacks is increasing.

In addition, it offers very good career development possibilities. At AViSTO, it is for example possible to progress to positions of pentester, IT project manager or even to a more commercial position as business manager.

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