Test and validation manager

Test & validation manager

Test and validation manager

Laetitia became a test and validation engineer after a ten year experience as a developer. Today, she leads a team based in Sophia Antipolis and Belgrade which is in charge of test and validation for a key AViSTO customer in the travel industry.

AViSTO recruits engineers in the area of test and validation. You can find the offers on our jobs board, where it is also possible to submit a spontaneous application.

Become test and validation manager

“The ten first years of my career, I was a developer for large software systems, using Cobol or PL1 languages. I then wanted to change, and I seized the opportunity to switch to the test and validation side in the travel industry, which was particularly appealing to me. Actually, when I was a child, on the one side, I would see myself as a programmer, probably because my father and I would enjoy using the code provided by computer magazines to make little video games. On the other side, I would see myself working in the air, as a flight attendant. So when I think of me as a little girl and see myself now working as an engineer in the travel industry, it makes a lot of sense.”

Being a test and validation manager

“The role of my team is to guarantee that the code delivered is of quality and conforms to specifications. Bugs must be detected so that they can then be corrected by the developers, the final objective is to guarantee customer satisfaction. So I have an operational role of a test and validation engineer, to which is added the responsibility of a team.”

What she likes in her job

“I enjoy the management of a team from a relational point of view; making everyone feel happy and motivated. Of course, the monitoring of tasks is compulsory, but it is not the part of my job that I highlight because, for me, a team that is doing well works well. It is this aspect that motivates me the most every day.
Then, I enjoy working in an international environment, for a prestigious customer. Our team is itself international since part of it is located in Serbia, within AViSTO Eastern Europe. Beyond work, it’s very enriching, we talk a lot about our different cultures. All this is a source of additional dynamism, it forces you to make an extra effort on yourself, to constantly seek to improve. Every day, we are forced to leave our comfort zone.”

Test & Validation, the promotion effort

“When I was a developer, I was very concerned about what I delivered. When I heard developers say ”Anyway, it’s going to be tested”, it drove me crazy.
Today, we must regularly remind that our role is to verify that the code is working, but that the developer must also do his own tests. Before, when a bug went into production, it was the developer’s fault. Today, I am told that it is the fault of the tester… in this type of situation, my dual development/test competence helps me to avoid entering sterile confrontations: it is absolutely necessary to work together, not against each other.
Furthermore, the test part was too often considered as an adjustment variable: to respect a production launch date, the time allocated to it was often reduced, even sacrificed. Fortunately, mentalities have changed, but there is still education to be done. To guarantee the quality of software, you have to test it properly, and it takes time. I observe that more and more test cells are being created: it is being recognized in the ”public’s best interest”!”

Her advice to somebody wishing to become a test engineer

“I would say to pass an ISTQ (International Software Testing Qualifications) certification. The Foundation level brings together the fundamental concepts of our profession: Testing throughout the software life cycle – Static techniques – Test design techniques – Test management – Test tools.
Then, I would advise starting a career being a developer. Development is constantly changing, there are many demands, we can evolve. In the test area, what is evolving are tools, automation, and the functional side. It does not get boring, however, a form of weariness can come faster if you start this job too early.
Last, I would say that switching from development to testing is possible, the contrary is much more complicated.”

About AViSTO

“I’ve been working for a few years now, it had always been for big IT services companies. I was looking for a structure on a human scale: I appreciate the fact that there is little hierarchy at AViSTO, that managers are sensitive to their engineers, that they are concerned about their well-being.
I believe in my company. It is the first time I have signed up for an Economic and Social Committee (CSE in French), so it proves it if necessary. I often say that AViSTO will be my last engineering company: I do not see myself working in another one.”

Test & validation engineer job opportunities

AViSTO recruits in the area of test and validation! You can consult the offers on our job site, or submit a spontaneous application